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            Jiangsu Nantong's zhonglv gear co.ltd is subsidiary company of He cheng industrial company, is the specialized design production gear, the tooth axis merchant, already have the quite professional mature product. in the power tools area , In order to satisfies each place users’s demand , zhonglv gear company has developed the innumerable new gears, the tooth axis. and has made the tremendous contribution for the industrial development andthe technology advancement. Simultaneously zhonglv gear relies on its advantage of  precise processing technical superiority, unceasingly develops the automobile spare part, the precision machinery module contour, the essence, the sharp product, in domainand so on electronic application positively carries out the multiplex management.

            At present zhonglv gear with HC brand obtained the user communities the consistent approval. The HC brand by the first-class product quality,the fine enterprise prestige, caused the company to win large quantities of homes most outstanding entire machine factories and themotor factory favour and the praise. Realized the product from thesystem semifinished product to the end product entire working procedure all by the advanced technical strict control, the mill which the tooth profile processed, has dug, rolls, inserts, rubs, the top horizontal jade piece, rolls over, the finish forge is well equipped;The essential working procedure uses the numerical control engine bed,the aggregate machine-tool; The heat treatment completely picks the computer control, guarantees the product intrinsic quality. In order to thank the user communities the faith, zhonglv gear devotes to gradually establishes and the consummation take produces as the core,the technology for the instruction, the marketing information for theauxiliary Trinity enterprise system, and will speed up this system the globalization, the network advancement, thus will provide directly, a more perfect service for the user communities, will make the contribution for the industrial modernization which will be supposedto have.

            Zhonglv product is the gear, the tooth axis, they are all machines’ foundation,that is the modern society essential product, usually has a Laudatory name " Mechanical industrial grain " They guarantee all industries product the quality, zhonglv objectivelies in the movement and the control: To the machines’friction, the noise phenomenon which produces in the work gets to the root of a matter, guarantees the steadiness which revolves and operates; all the time provide the colorfullife for the customer, and will make the contribution to the globalenergy conservation movement and the resources conservation..

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